About us

           Payed Processing is a business solutions company owned by Benny Austria and David Palma. Our CEO Benny Austria comes from the world of banking with experience in dealing with business owners and problem-solving for business. Benny has 12 years of banking experience before starting Payed Processing in 2018. Payed Processing’s goal has been to help businesses with systems and financial tools to save them on the costs of taking payments while upgrading them to modern technology.

           David Palma, our Business Development Officer, comes from teaching merchant services for the banks. David helped sales associates at the banks understand how to price customers competitively while finding the technology solutions to help them grow their businesses. He uses those skills one on one with clients today to find the best solutions for businesses with goals to save and grow.

Our Team

Modern Solutions

We offer cutting-edge credit & debit card processing solutions at a significant discount compared to our corporate competitors. Keep your business up-to date without breaking the bank. 

From simple terminals with PCI Compliance to Cloud Based Point of Sales with 3rd party integrations to make your life easier. We can help be part of the solutions you need for your business

Cost savings with no rate increases

We offer a 100% guarantee that we can save your business money on your monthly & annual processing fees; on average, our merchants are saving between 20 – 30% annually. With our Net Zero Processing merchants can save on average 95% of their current cost!

No rate increases for the LIFE of the account. This is important as other processors increase their rates every three to six months; though nominal at first, this significantly adds up over time!